Universal Studio Florida

Een kopij van het originele park in Los Angeles, een echte publiekstrekker voor de miljoenen bezoekers die jaarlijks naar Florida afzakken.

Eens voorbij de grote toegangspoort gaat een wereld van bekende filmthema's open, gegarandeerd amusement voor de volgende paar uren.





Enkele van de attracties :



Join Princess Fiona™ and our heroes on an all new honeymoon adventure. Featuring an original 3-D film, plus an extra dimension of special effects through the miracle of OgreVision, you see, hear and actually FEEL the action right from your seat!



Can you help E.T.® (the extra terrestrial) make it back home? Bring the kids and board your flying bikes as you soar across the stars to help E.T. save his home planet. It’s an adventure that will touch your heart all over again.



Plunge into total darkness as you face fireballs, scarab beetles and an army of warrior mummies on a psychological thrill ride unlike anything that’s come along in the past 3,000 years.




See if you have what it takes at the most extreme audience participation show ever - Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios®.  Perform gravity-defying stunts in front of thousands as you compete against other guests.


Step into one of the most action-packed movies of all time and feel what it’s like to be a storm chaser, looking a tornado right in the eye. Grab onto the railing and “Ride It Out,” as our special effects wizards re-create the explosive force of nature at its worst.


Join forces with the TERMINATOR® in a battle to prevent mankind’s extinction at the cold, steel hands of futuristic cyborgs. Live action stunts, special effects and amazing 3-D film come together in this TERMINATOR adventure.


As an agent trainee, you’ll zap aliens as you spin and careen through the streets of New York in this interactive ride based on the hit movie. With multiple endings, it’s never the same ride twice! Have you got what it takes to be the best of the best?


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the water… a giant fin slices through the waves. Only this time you're riding a boat through the water where he's lurking just around the corner! Are you ready to withstand the all-out assault of JAWS®?




We shook the Academy Awards® with Earthquake the movie, now we shatter every notion of how thrilling a ride can be. Hold on as ceilings collapse, subway cars crash, and gasaoline trucks explode in an authentic earthquake registering 8.3 on the Richter Scale.


Klik hierboven op de foto's en je kan instappen.

of wandel gewoon wat rond in het park









Je merkt het, hier kan je heel de dag rondlopen zonder je te vervelen. Reacties, commentaar of bewondering kan je steeds achterlaten bij reacties of de mini chat. Of klik op het evalueer mijn blog knopje........

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